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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Love At First Sight

You know when the temperature is right, the sun is shinning, you are having the best hair day, sporting your favorite outfit and someone asks you if you've lost weight?  That's what it felt like when I saw this beauty on www.eloquenceinc.com
I tossed and turned, thought of a million excuses like:

I truly have no room for it.
It is way too big for my house.
I have sofas and settees already that are in fine condition.
It's not cheap.
I don't need it.
How will it get here from California?
Shipping cost will be expensive.
And they all added up to . . . I gotta have it!  So I got it!
I mean come on, it's a vintage toile country french sofa.   Please if you have the slightest pulse you will understand.  It's a once in a lifetime find.
So I wanted to share the site with all of you.   If you think of the fact that most of these are one of a kind or amazing vintage finds or reproductions it is so worth it.  The sales rep named Megan is lovely and very helpful.  Check the website out.  Meanwhile I will be staring at the photo until it arrives.  It will probably take years to get here by truck but it will be well worth it.  Hee hee.