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Thursday, July 24, 2014

An Afternoon Project

I sit on my porch every evening with my dogs.  It's where I unwind and relax.  My dogs take turns sitting with me on my swing.  I have been wanting to get another place for others that join me or for my doggies to sit as well.  I found the lovely wicker settee at Pier 1.  They are currently having an outdoor furniture sale and I got it on sale.  I purchased a green cushion because it was the only one they had.  I wanted white.  I figured I would just cover it anyway.  
I love love love Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic line.  But her fabrics are 40 dollars a yard.  I am in love with all her faded floral prints that are so beautiful and so comforting for the home.
So since I didn't want to spend 120 dollars on three yards to redo my settee I bought a full size sheet set from Rachel Ashwell's Shabby chic line from Target.  So for under 30 dollars I was able to do this and still have fabric left over.
Now I sew them using my sewing machine but I want to assure you that I am not a seamstress. I know one stitch and know how to thread a sewing machine, that is all.  I can sew a hem or make a table cloth or pillow but that's all.
I was very happy with the end result.  Now I would not let Martha Stewart stand over me as I am sewing because I guarantee she would faint at the sight.

Okay so imagine cutting a square of folded fabric beneath the pillow leaving an inch all around.  
Then turning the fabric square inside out and making sure all corners and sides are touching.  Then sew three sides just with a straight stitch leaving one side open.  Then flip the fabric from inside out to the way the pillow will look.  Then insert your pillow and then take the side that is not sewn and folding both sides and having them join, sew that side closed.  
Ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's All Folks!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Oriental Rug and Amish Chest

I have been searching for the idea rug for my upstairs landing for the past month.  Had found one on Overstock.com but after a few days I realized that it was more suited for my guest room.
I found this Oriental Rug at a lovely Oriental Rug store in my town.  I have passed by this store thousands of times but have never entered in.  The minute I walked in I fell in love with this round beautiful rug.  I hadn't considered using a round rug and had always thought of a rectangular but I really think that it actually made the floor more noticeable and at the same time brought out the honey tones of my table and floor. 

I wanted fringes and these were the perfect touch.  I don't love busy rugs with tons of colors and patterns but I thought this one had just the right amount of muted and soft colors and designs not to over power the cream hues.

Now my friend Michelle is a very bad influence.  She took me on a trip today to a store I had never gone before called Farmhouse.  I was smitten.  While I was there I found the perfect chest. The owner told me it was made by Amish builders he works with.  Now I have a soft spot for Amish and anything Amish made.  So guess what I bought today?

I love how again the pine brought out the colors in my floor and in the Ethan Allen Bombe dresser.  
I really loved my chest.  Now I just hope my husband will too.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My 4 Mile Walk

I started walking.  I have always loved walking, taking long hikes, taking in my surroundings.  I have always felt prayerful in nature.  Actually feel closer to God walking along a cornfield or standing in front of the ocean than sitting in mass sometimes.
I walk with my husband on the weekends and alone or with a friend (KC or Tracy) during the week.  I started walking two miles and now I am up to four.  They are four miles that are peaceful and beautiful and at the same time push me to use muscles I have not used for a very long time. There are a few hills that leave my calf muscles vibrating long after I am done.  But it is worth it. At the end of my walk I feel triumphant.
Now I am not an athletic person, never ran a marathon or belonged to a gym so for me this is a great accomplishment.
I walked this morning and took some photos of what I walk by and as I was snapping a few photos it
dawned on me, this would be perfect for my letter. I wanted to write something to possibly read at my son's wedding.  I began thinking of the correlations of my walk and marriage and immediately I began writing it in my mind.
Here are a few images during my walk.

And when I reach the end of my journey, the bottom of the hill, where my dear friend KC lives, I stop, take a drink of water, take a deep breath and turn around and start the journey back home.
It's all about the journey and the encounters and moments that form us and leave an impression that truly matters and motivates us to set out and start our walk all over again.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Maine's Own Blueberry Crumble with Pennsylvania Blueberries

 I must say after two years of struggling with my blueberry bushes, this year I have finally gotten my money's worth.  My plant is filled with luscious and mouth squirting blueberries.  This was my first pick.  But since then I have picked a small bowl full.  Now it still wasn't enough for a crumble but when combined with my local farm blueberries . . . well let's just say I made it yesterday and there is very little left.
Many years ago I saw the author of this great cookbook on Martha Stewart and she made this crumble. Since then I have made it maybe about 30 or 40 times during blueberry season.  It is my favorite.
 Smells devine and tastes heavenly.  (Perfect with a scoop of ice cream if your into that.) I prefer it with a hot cup of coffee or a cold glass of milk.  Yummy.  For the recipe click on link: http://www.wnyc.org/story/150866-blueberry-crumble-pie/

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Splendor With Hydrangeas

 For the past three years my Hydrangeas at our beach house were not thriving.  This is the first year that they have started to look healthy again. Here are some photos.

I mostly have of the varieties of "mophead and lacecap" but at home I have a much larger variety.

The ones in the front of the house are fairly new, put there after our original ones were damaged due to the sprinkler system breaking a few years back.  So they only have a few blooms.
A lovely Summer day after a night storm.  The Hydrangeas seem to be giddy with joy for all the extra water they received during the night.  Today they bask in the sunlight.

Monday, June 30, 2014


There are some who complain about routines.  The mundane and ordinary parts of ones day or life.  The things you have to do and do often.  I guess there are those who constantly like to be on the move and experience different things every day.  I honestly can say that I am not one of them.  
For those that follow my blog you know I have had alot of changes recently and all at one time.  
With my mother having to be placed in a dementia facility, and my youngest going away to the deep south for College and my oldest only 103 days until his wedding, there is alot to get used to.
I don't like change, not one bit.  Although for some it can feel exciting and thrilling, I have never been a thrill seeker.
This past week I traveled over 2000 miles by car.  We went to Tennessee for orientation, then to Boston and back home.  So many new things all happening at once and although it has all been wonderful, it has been alot all at once.
That is where I find that routines can become rather healing and helpful.
My roses have suffered a great deal from my recent power washing mishap.  They slowly have dried and become sickly.  I have worked hard to nurse them back.  That takes time and many hours in the sun.  From fertilizing, to disease resistant sprays to the most grueling task of cutting the dead heads one by one at the proper point so they can rebloom.  
Now remember I have a wedding in 103 days here and although it will be in October, I am trying to work the roses into two more blooms before then or possibly three.
I spent four hours on two different ladders, this one and then a 7ft ladder trying to reach the dead heads on the top of the trellis.  I spent hours doing nothing but cutting and getting scratched by the many thorns.  But in all that time I concentrated on my roses.  I didn't think about guilty feelings with my mom, (the feelings that tend to torture me at night) nor did I think of the bittersweet moments I will experience taking the drive again to Knoxville to take my son to school, and I didn't stress about how much I had to prepare the house and the grounds for the wedding or how I would miss my oldest as he enters the new chapter in his life, husband and eventually fatherhood. 
There is so much sometimes on my mind that I can't hear myself think.  And it's in the laundry and hanging up my sheets outside on a sunny day, or planning dinner, cleaning my house or tending to my garden, that I find time to de-stress and clear my mind of worrying.  
So there is a reason for enjoying a simple routine.  Routines are ordinary, normal and simple, a fixed path one takes where you can count on predictability and little change.  And in a time where my life is turning a full 360 degrees and change overwhelmes my every thought, I welcome a day of a fixed schedule and simple tasks that follow a routine, a familiar road I miss in this crazy journey I'm about to embark.  

Friday, June 20, 2014

An Amish Touch

I have posted about my kitchen many times on this blog.  It is my favorite room in the house.  (Don't tell the other rooms.) But for years our ceiling has given us alot of trouble.  It you look up and see the seems, since the ceiling is pitched it is divided in triangular parts.  Each year due to the weather and the expanding and contracting of the ceiling, the seems continue to crack through.  We have had it fixed 9 times.
So I had an idea and had my good friends over in Lancaster (my amish friends) come and help us out.
This was the result.  I love it.

I think that we solved the problem very nicely and when my new counter comes in and farmhouse sink and new faucet, it will all come together.  
My new counter will only be for the island.   I selected a lovely white quartz.  I think it will bring out the white more in the kitchen.  I will take photos and post once it is done.  
Hope you are enjoying your summer.  
Peace, Love & Joy