Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Secret Garden

The past few weeks Spring has been slowly working it's magic in my garden.  It has been a strange mixture of cold days and then bursts of heat and then back to chilly mornings.  I have been waiting, watching, and patient for all to wake beneath the ground and burst into color.  I am happy to say that it is finally happening.  Take a look.
The Peonies are out of control.  More blooming every single day.  They are enormous and frangrant and so delicate and elegant.  I adore Peonies.
 Every pitcher is filled in the house.

 And then there is Wisteria.

 Below the lovely garden lady is starting to age.  I wonder if she knows of a good plastic surgeon.

 My north garden gate is completely blocked off by the Wisteria's tentacles.  (That's what it reminds me of)

 Below, my rhododendron.
All this and the Roses haven't even opened.  I am giddy with excitement.  More to come.  Happy Gardening to you.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Enjoy, Relax, Love & Find Peace.  xoxo Lisa

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Dear Friend Susan

There are people we meet along our journey that leave an impression, teach, inspire, and leave their mark in ways that change us forever.  My friend Susan has been one of those people in my life.  She is one of my favorite designers, creative artists, and most of all, friend.  

 No one does Christmas like Susan at her store Black Eyed Susan.

I have gone to so many of her classes and demonstrations, open houses and christmas sneak peaks.  I have bought I don't know how much over the years from her stores.  (Shhhhhh!  My husband might be reading this.  I just tell him, "I've had that forever, you never listen."  Works everytime! )

I don't think my friends and I have ever missed her Christmas sneak peaks where she unveils her seasonal Christmas decor.

She raises the bar every year and continues to inspire each of us to think outside of the box.
(Below) Even when my friends come to visit from New York and Boston one of the items on our list of things to do is . . . A trip to Black Eyed Susans.  (Notice the bags!)
I have been lucky enough to have been invited twice to Susan's Home tag sale where she has tagged most of her precious collections and personal items for sale.   My house is literally 60 percent Susan.  Some items were purchases from her stores and the others from the two tag sales.  
Below a few photos of her beautiful home.
(I have the mirror below in my master bathroom)
 (I now have this gorgeous mirror in my half bath.  It hardly fit but I didn't care. It has always been my favorite.)
Below the lamps on the dressing table  to the right which you can only see partially are in my bedroom now.  I love them.
 I have two of these mirrors in my home.  (The two on the right:  second and bottom. )

 I also have aquired many of her beautiful antique plates, serving plates, trays, etc.  And the list goes on.
 I have her mirrors and art work and a chair and table and two chandeliers.
I've been very blessed to have her in my life.  Not only has she been an inspiration for me but   
Susan and her best friend Linda did all the flowers at my son's wedding.  

 Even the flowers in the barn were magnificent.

Including the bride's bouquet. 

Thank you Susan for so many things.  I love you.