Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Floor

 I took a few panoramic shots of my kitchen yesterday to show before and after.
 Below my Wolf range pulled out of it's spot.  This is the oven we purchased when the kitchen was first designed.  It is not equipped with a self cleaning feature.  So unfortunately it has alot of wear and tear inside and is very difficult to clean by hand.  Made me sad to see it pulled out without it's doors.  Now wolf has self cleaning models.  (Hint to hubby)
 All the furniture had to be carefully wrapped to protect against dust.
 Below, even in my formal living room I wrapped things up.

 Below:  This is Gary the owner of the wonderful company http://realantiquewood.com/.  He just finished filming a day taking down a barn for a possible reality series for the history channel.  I joked with him that I wanted to take this photo before he gets too big for little jobs like mine.  He and his wife are great.
Below, Floor is all gone.  Bye Bye Limestone.  Hello Hemlock.
Coming Soon!

Friday, March 20, 2015

DIY . . . I Did It Myself!!!!!!

After my husband suggested that I attempt to do the cushion myself I was insulted by his comment.  How dare he think that I could attempt to do something so important to me, by myself.  This piece deserved the fine hand of a real upholsterer who could bring this piece back to it's original state of beauty.    But after thinking of how long it would actually take and how much it might  cost, I  took a quick trip to Joanne's fabric.   After  finding these two slabs of great layered firm foam I reconsidered the idea.  

I purchased two pieces.  25 inches in width and about 76 inches long.  It was a bit more than I needed and thought I might use the second piece for trim pieces.  (Returning home I suffered a terrible "accident" with my truck.  I will leave that for my next post, but thankfully I am ok after such a surreal experience)  When I returned I asked my husband and friend Michelle who had come by, to help stuff the slipcover.  We used both pieces.  

I now acknowledge that my husband's suggestion was actually a smart one.  I spent 34.99 on each piece and used a bread knife to cut to foam to size.  I love that the foam keeps it's shape.  I'm able to lay on it without making the cushion float up.  It is  firm and comfortable and I am so pleased with the end result.  I'm happy we did it ourselves!

Question for my blogging friends?  So after I washed the slipcover with the dye free, chemical free, perfume free tide in cold water and on delicate cycle and treating it wtih a small amount of oxyclean I am still left with these stains.  Any ideas how to camouflage them?  Or remove them?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nothing is Freely Given

The only reason I am doing this post is because I promised I would let you all know when I got my antique sofa.
Well . . . it arrived today.
Now I want to say first of all that I was told that there were spots of discoloration and was told that a recommendation was made about reupholstering.
First let me say that the sofa/settee is 80 percent in good condition.  The frame is perfect, the fabric is intact and not as faded as they claimed but it does have a few spots about the size of a quarter in a dark brown.
Now let me remind you of the piece I am talking about.
Notice that the cushion is very fluffy.  Well that's an understatement.  It is extremely balloon like because of the feathers which immediately I decided that I did not want to keep as is.  As I moved it around I began to see feathers flying.   Feathers everywhere.   When I removed the slipcover from the insert it was too late to turn back.  The feathers were everwhere.  Thousands of them flying all around.   In the air, on my clothes, in my hair sticking to the wall.  After I vacuumed all the loose feathers, which was a job in itself, I took the slipcover and actually treated it with a bit of a light stain remover and washed it in the washing machine under delicate.  Then after drying it on no heat fluff cycle I ironed it and it looked alot better.  But I have decided to remove the insert for good.  I don't like the down cushion so I have asked my friend and reupholsterer to make me one firm cushion so that I may place it inside the washed slipcover.  
Here are a few pics.  

Once I have the cushion done I will do a post that will show a full photo of the piece.  I guess nothing comes freely, everything requires a bit of work.  I knew it was an old antique and there might be some work to be done.  I am pleased with the condition of it.  I just wish I could make the cushion myself.  I guess I'm not that brave.